Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQS
As there is no minimum contract, you can set up WAIVERFORM® for a month and close the account when the event is over.

No, you will need to have a internet connection to the Kiosk application.

Yes, certain aspects of the platform can be accessed from mobile devices i.e. the dashboard and web-friendly waiver forms.

The kiosk is currently supported on Android devices.

Yes. Waivers can be completed using an internet browser. We will always aim to support the latest browsers providing the vendor still offers support.

In line with current GDPR/Data Protection for your country, you must include a check box for participants to complete, if they wish to be sent marketing material from your business. This information can be easily exported along with email addresses for marketing purposes.

Then we would love to hear from you! Give us a call or email us

Waiver & Data Capture

All participants will be sent an email or text message, either with a PDF or a link to the PDF. This is also used to confirm their email address or mobile number.

Yes, you can regenerate the PDF waiver at any point and print. If the original needs to be stored then additional fees will apply for original storage. This depends on the volume of documents being stored and where.

Customers can sign in to confirm that none of their details have changed and they accept terms and conditions again without having to complete fill in their information each time they undertake you activity.

Yes. Each waiver form has a unique link you can use to send the form to users.

Download the android app onto the tablet from the dashboard or scan the QR code.

You can mark required fields when setting up your waiver form that a client cannot click past without completing. The waiver is also available for you to check from the business desktop once completed.

Participants will need to sign each individual waiver to ensure they know what they are signing. The technology can help to autofill boxes once they have an account to assist in a smoother customer experience.

The system allows you to add custom fields to the data collection screens as well as ask custom questions on any questionnaire screens.

It depends on the amount of text and imagery contained within the waiver. The average size PDF should be no more than a few megabytes. Small enough to be emailed.

Data Management

The information is stored for duration of the account being active and in line with current GDPR or data protection policies in your country. Waivers can be regenerated in to a PDF at any point.

Yes we will provide a link to each waiver, so you can have customers complete the waiver directly on your website.

You can search the dashboard by surname, email, mobile, date range, activity type, waiver type.

Data can be exported as CSV, XML or JSON data from the dashboard.

Nothing other than protecting it. It’s your data, we are simply custodians of it.  We will be shooting ourselves in the foot if we ever did anything we were not supposed to. If anything changes with this policy then we will notify you accordingly to changes in our data policies.

Security & Privacy

Yes we work inside current GDPR/Data Protection rules & requirements for your country.

Data at rest is encrypted using AES256-CBC (or 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard in Cipher Block Chaining mode) via OpenSSL. Data in transport is encrypted using TLS/SSL standards. View more:

Yes, you can activate a PIN so settings will be protected.

Payments & Costs

Your payment information is 100% safe with us, and we don’t handle payment information ourselves. We leave this down to the professionals, when we activate a subscription your card details are not stored on our system.

Our provider very kindly processes the subscription payment for us, that’s why if you cancel the subscription you may need to resupply your card details.

You can cancel or pause your account at any time without any additional cost. Simply log into your account and press the Suspend Subscription button, under the Billing and Subscription section. Cancellation will occur at the end of your billing period. (Link to Account)

While developing the WAIVERFORM® system, we thought offering a reliable, secure, updated, well maintained system far more important than pricing plans. Therefore all of our plans offer unlimited waivers within reason. If you’re a massive corporate entity signing hundreds of thousands of waiver each day, then we’re going to need to talk. However, if you are a very popular and busy Go Karting establishment, then you should be OK. We price per site for an agreed number of devices.

No, it is a monthly contract. You just need to give a calendar months’ notice to cancel.

Our pricing is based on software as a service model, this includes constant development, maintenance, security updates etc. Therefore we don’t have any caps because the monthly fee should always cover your share of running of the system.

You must give one calendar month notice of cancellation. You then have 60 days from the finish date of your contract to download any waivers you need to keep (this must be completed in line with current GDPR/Data Protection laws in your country). After this WAIVERFORM® will delete the data.

We collect subscriptions payment by monthly direct debit. Shows on your bank statement as C3SFT-WAIVER.