The WAIVERFORM® Management Studio
See at a glance your customer information and waivers, and manage your data quickly and easily with the WAIVERFORM® Management Studio...
The WAIVERFORM® Management Studio
See at a glance your customer information and waivers, and manage your data quickly and easily with the WAIVERFORM® Management Studio...

Explore the WAIVERFORM® Management Studio...

We strive to streamline your consent signing process as much as possible. And so we created a Management Studio that makes waiver management simple. You can keep forms up to date, dig up old ones or flag incomplete documents. We designed the WAIVERFORM® Management Studio to save businesses time and energy, leaving you to spend the time saved to focus on delivering the best services to your customers. The left side of the Management Studio has a menu that lets you navigate to different sections of the platform. Users can perform several functions on the Management Studio…

Survey Results

Surveys offer a wealth of information about your customers and the company. We make access to this information easy. On the Management Studio, you can navigate to survey results to gather the relevant data. Our online digital documents make storage and analysis uncomplicated, too. If you have different locations, you can easily compare survey results to see how each branch performs.

Analytics & KPIs

Our WAIVERFORM® platform enables you to collect substantial details. You can source valuable insights about the key performance indicators of your business. Learn details about the aspects of your products that satisfy your clients. Find out how many new and returning customers you have in a certain period, the number of completed waivers and how long they take. Analytics can contribute to enhanced decision-making.

Software Integrations

Social has become a big part of conducting business, which is why we designed our WAIVERFORM® platform to integrate with various all the usual social media platforms. You can also link the WAIVERFORM® platform to a variety of third-party tools such as CRM software. Through the Management Studio, users can navigate to certain networks and post about your brand. Our integrations are smooth, allowing you to automate tasks on different member management systems.

Template Library

Access all our waiver form templates on the Management Studio and pick what works for you. We have a neatly arranged library that makes your selection process painless. If you have specific requirements for your waiver, we provide editing and customisation tools on the Management Studio. Add taglines, logos or other elements to your documents to match with the company image*.

* Requires additional purchased services

Export Data

Do you want to move your files to a CRM application or online storage? Then we make that possible. Quickly export signed documents and import them to your preferred locations. Users can export data in CSV, XML and JSON format.

Multi-level Users

The WAIVERFORM® Management Studio allows multi-level staff users, which influences how you handle tasks. Different employees can be on the system, dealing with varying issues without any conflict. The system automatically reconciles data, ensuring everyone is working from the same page.

Management Application

We provide you with a downloadable management tool. Once you have installed the application on your device, access to the Management Studio is seamless. It eliminates the need to log in through a web browser each time you need to perform tasks. The tool is always on, saving you time.