WAIVERFORM® for Tattoo and Piercing Parlours
Go paperless and streamline your business with digital waivers and consent forms. WAIVERFORM® provides an efficient, secure and uncomplicated tool for your tattoo or piercing business...
WAIVERFORM® for Tattoo and Piercing Parlours
Go paperless and streamline your business with digital waivers and consent forms. WAIVERFORM® provides an efficient, secure and uncomplicated tool for your tattoo or piercing business...

Improve Business Operations with Digital Tattoo Waivers

Consent is a serious element for every tattoo and piercing business. Your customers must always know what they are getting into. Body ink and piercings come with certain risks. For example, a client could have an allergic reaction or regret receiving the service afterwards. In such instances, the business or the artist can find themselves facing liabilities. A waiver form could cushion your business and staff from particular repercussions. It is why they must be insisted on before dispensing services.

WAIVERFORM® makes this task uncomplicated with digital consent forms. We provide digital waiver forms for a variety of sectors, including businesses and individual tattooists and body piercers. Our services were born out of the desire to assist in capturing accurate data while still being efficient to the business.

Take the pain out of your paperwork with electronic waivers and consent forms...

The Need for Digital Waiver Forms

Why invest in our services? Online consent forms can save your business a considerable amount of time, increase accuracy, legibility and allow you to easily collect and sort data. Clients electronically sign documents before receiving services or procedures.

Traditional paper forms can seem onerous, waiting for each customer to complete the process, manual checking and manual copying all adding to your daily workload. Digital waivers require minimal effort. Validation can be done automatically, swivel chair processes (copying from one system to another) are eliminated, allowing you to spend more time doing what you do.

With our WAIVERFORM® software, your customers can sign from supported devices. People can sign at the location or online from anywhere. This convenience goes a long way in improving the efficiency of your operations. Going paperless provides its environmental benefits also. One great thing about digital waivers is they save trees, and that’s something to shout about!



Tattooists and their businesses get unlimited capacity to keep their data. Depending on the number of clients that you serve, your office or studio can have hundreds of documents by year-end. All this paperwork requires secure storage space, and that can translate to huge costs. The right WAIVERFORM® package for your business, means you don't have to worry about storage scalability as your operations grow. The database makes it easy to search for specific forms. Your staff won't have to spend time digging through papers to find information on a single client.

Manage Data

Enhance your data management capabilities, the platform provides data capture and export functions. Allowing you to easily and quickly collect data from your customers, which is then available to export to other systems. This data is invaluable in driving your business operations.

Engage Clients
on Social Media

WAIVERFORM® bridges the social media gap, allowing businesses to increase interaction with their customers. When customers sign the waiver, a copy is sent via email to your customer, attaching your social platforms on the footer of the email provides good social connection. Social media is an excellent source of feedback and can help increase your reach. This information sheds light on aspects that require improvement and the ones that clients appreciate.

Waivers That
Meet Your Needs

Customised waivers are available for businesses that prefer them. If the pre-defined forms we have don't satisfy your requirements, we provide an editor feature allowing you to tailor documents according to the specific demands of your business. Add or remove information to guarantee that your waiver forms cover all the bases and more. We also offer the ability to upload your own consent forms to the platform.

What Information is Included in Body Arts Waiver Forms?

What makes a good consent document for tattooists and their business? The details on the form should cover all the necessary areas*. They should consist of the basic information about the service, including descriptions of the body modification being undertaken, its location, colours used and the artist performing the procedure. Aftercare instructions ensure that the client knows the process it takes to care for the modification. You can opt to have the ID of the customer or other identification, including a photograph, collected/scanned during the signing process.

Waiver forms are part of doing business for every tattoo and piercing business. It is a measure of professionalism. Tattooists have to ensure that their customers are aware of everything involved before getting a procedure. WAIVERFORM® provides online consent documents for this industry. Written consent promotes health, safety and professionalism at your studio, which helps to boost confidence to your customer. Contact us for customised, efficient and detailed waiver forms for tattooists and piercing professionals.

WAIVERFORM® helps protect your business and provide reassurance to your clients

*Independent legal advice for requirements for consent forms specific to your industry should be sought.
Information provided on this page, is provided for guidance only. Always consult with a local legal professional in your country.