WAIVERFORM® for Go Karting Tracks
Go paperless and streamline your business with digital waivers, safety check-lists, and sign-in forms. WAIVERFORM® provides an efficient, secure and uncomplicated customer management tool for your Go Karting track...
WAIVERFORM® for Go Karting Tracks
Go paperless and streamline your business with digital waivers, safety check-lists, and sign-in forms. WAIVERFORM® provides an efficient, secure and uncomplicated customer management tool for your Go Karting track...

Uncomplicate Consent Forms for Your Go Kart Services

Go-karting is one business where waiver forms are a critical component of the operation. You must guarantee that anyone who gets on the track is aware of the liability involved and where it lies. Picture this: a customer comes to your go-kart track for a race, drives recklessly and does serious damage to the vehicle and doesn’t have to pay for it. A single signature on a well-crafted document can provide your business with the necessary legal cover to aid your business in different scenarios.

With digital waiver forms, go-kart business owners can facilitate this with ease. WAIVERFORM® provides digital waivers so your customers can sign their consent either on-site or online before getting on the go-kart track, which can be extremely useful for large group bookings such as stag or hen parties.

Brand Your Business

WAIVERFORM® provides a way to let business use waiver forms for branding. You can give your brand an edge through customisation of online waiver forms. We give you the freedom to pick colour schemes, themes and fonts that suits your style. You can add a logo, tag line or images associated with your karting brand on the waiver form. It is a way to set yourself apart from other businesses in the sector. As customers sign release forms and receive their branded confirmation, it ensures they don’t forget which company is giving them an awesome experience!

WAIVERFORM® incorporates a dashboard that not only shows you individual client information, but can also be used to give you invaluable general customer data: easily search to see where most of your current customers come from, their demographics, and where to pout your next marketing focus. Include your social media links in the customers’ confirmation email making it easy for them to check-in, leave reviews and tag photos of the great time they’ve had.

Streamline Operations

Besides providing your business with waiver forms, our platform is effective in improving the management of your operations. When customers sign-in and fill documents, they offer a lot of data. All that information comes in handy when monitoring certain aspects of your business. For example, you can see the clients who register for specific track days. If the track is hosting large events, you can gather crucial details that will help you plan improvements to make the next one even better.

Another huge plus is the online sign-in of consent documents. It prevents many issues that come with traditional paper documents, such as illegible handwriting. Lost or damaged forms will become a thing of the past. Collecting and storing documents is considerably more efficient when you have all of them in a central hub. When you need to pull a waiver from a particular period or client, our system makes the task quick and efficient.

Collecting and managing your client data is considerably more efficient with WAIVERFORM®
Simplify group signing with WAIVERFORM® and get your customers to the start line faster

Simplify Group Signing

Karting is a favourite for team building, stag and hen parties, and family fun. During weekends and holidays, you may have several groups at a time booking or arrive for activities at your race track. Handling group sign-in can be an intensive and long-winded, drawn-out process. It helps if you can ease the burden in any way. Our waiver management software is a lifesaver in this respect. You can send a link to the relevant documents and have the team members sign it before coming to the track. You collect all the required information about a particular group in advance, cross-reference and check with the booking in advance, which allows you to make arrangements for any last-minute changes and additions and thus reduce queues on the day of the event.

Who Can Benefit?

Whether you specialise in track days, driving experiences or any other kinds of motorsport, you must stipulate to clients what liability they carry when using your facilities, and ensure they have read and understood your terms and conditions. We cater to go-kart operations of all different sizes. Alongside our waiver templates for go-kart, the platform also accommodates customisation and can even be linked with your current computerised booking system. You can customise forms to suit the services that you provide. Regardless of whether it’s a new operation or a big company, trust us to deliver the services you need. If your business has any special requirements, give us a call to discuss further. We can add features to the platform, depending on your request. After all, we are always looking to evolve with the demands of our clients.

WAIVERFORM® is an easy platform to work with for go-kart online release documents. Users don’t have to be tech-savvy to operate the application, which saves in training costs. The simplicity of the software for the user means that you can tend to more clients and in a fraction of the time paper-based documents would take. Enjoy the smooth management of your sign-in and waiver forms process for your karting operations.

Let WAIVERFORM® help you deliver to customers a seamless and memorable experience of your karting track