WAIVERFORM® for Fitness & Personal Trainers
Whether you are a personal trainer, yoga instructor, run a boot camp business or are any kind of fitness instructor, WAIVERFORM® can help streamline your client registration...
WAIVERFORM® for Fitness & Personal Trainers
Whether you are a personal trainer, yoga instructor, run a boot camp business or are any kind of fitness instructor, WAIVERFORM® can help streamline your client registration...

Boost Efficiency for Health and Fitness Trainers with WAIVERFORM®

When following your passion for helping people attain their fitness goals, it is important to remember that you are running a business, and liability is always an issue to consider. If a client suffers an injury while working out under your instruction, that event could open you up to numerous problems. Waiver forms could help to avoid these outcomes. As society becomes more litigious the smallest mistake, regardless of fault, can end in a legal melee. Asking clients to sign a waiver form can offer a degree of cushioning from this. WAIVERFORM® understands this, which is why we provide a service to allow you to easily access your client registration and waiver forms.

Our product is especially convenient for those who train in either an outdoor location, or travel to various locations for their classes such as yogis, personal trainers, boot camps, and other facilities that provide similar services. Forms can be completed either at the training site on your tablet, or your clients can sign from their smartphone or home computer when registering for a class.

Our online consent forms provide seamless integration with your physical training systems. WAIVERFORM® gives you the opportunity to do away with paper documents and implement digital consent processes.

Make it easy for clients to sign consent or waiver forms on location using WAIVERFORM

Improve Productivity with Online Waivers

We aim to make the process of signing consent forms as simple as possible. Once you have the right documents for your training business, you can incorporate them on your website where clients can sign when they need to. Alternatively, personal trainers can email the link to the waiver form directly to the customer. The client will then show up for training with everything ready. Digital consent forms save time for your personal training business, consequently improving productivity. If you have returning customers, they can renew their forms in a matter of minutes, ensuring you have up to date information about any illnesses or injuries that may affect training regimes. The limitless database available on WAIVERFORM® means that you can keep as much customer information as you want, for as long as it’s necessary for your business purposes.*

Returning clients can log in, view their information and keep key information updated and regularly reviewed. This streamlining of consent signing procedures means that you can quickly and easily check client information is up-to-date before your session starts, and as then spend less time on admin and more time on growing your business, and taking care of your clients.

Boost Marketing

Online waiver forms also act as a client registration form and can collect a considerable amount of data from your customers. Depending on the customisation of the documents, you can obtain email addresses, phone numbers and use the business screen to easily see the demographics of your clients. This information is precious when it comes to marketing. It is the type of data that you pay researchers to gather to help with marketing campaigns. The customer details enable you to target specific audiences with your marketing campaigns. You can build an extensive mailing list, using our features to easily add who has signed up for newsletters and email information. When you know which customers get what training, you can structure promotions and newsletters to suit them.

Collect and manage data with WAIVERFORM® so you can better engage with your customers...

Waivers to Suit Your Needs

WAIVERFORM® understands that every health and fitness business is unique. The issues that a swimming coach deals with are not the same as those of a yoga or spin cycle instructor. For this reason, some brands need customised documents for their clients. You have the choice to tailor waivers according to your particular requirements. Use the edit function to add or remove some details from the waiver. Alternatively, you can upload and edit your own. If you need a waiver fast and don’t have one ready, our pre-defined solutions come in handy. We have templates that you can tweak to align with the goals of your exercise business.

Also, WAIVERFORM® offers branding services to match your business. We can personalise portals and tablet software in line with the image you wish to portray. Our platform is highly adaptable, allowing the integration of various elements such as questionnaires, surveys and event release forms.

Cover All the Bases

The effectiveness of a waiver form depends on the information included. WAIVERFORM® keeps documents simple but ensures they cover all the necessary elements of your business. Whether you are a yoga instructor, personal trainer or another fitness professional, you want to know you are doing everything you can to both protect and build your business and brand. The language used in waivers is unambiguous to ensure that clients can easily read and comprehend it accurately. Customers should know what they are signing, and we make that simple. Clear type ensures that the document is legible so readers can see each clause. Staff can also quickly and easily see information if required in an emergency.

The high-quality product that we provide bodes well for the reputation of boot camps, trainers and individual professionals. It will instill confidence in customers, which helps buy you goodwill and trust.

Providers of exercise services should ensure signatures are obtained from their customers before they can dispense services. A client should be made fully aware of the risks involved in participating in certain activities. When signing waiver forms, inform your customers that they are giving up certain rights and assuming various responsibilities for their wellbeing.

WAIVERFORM® offers your business online consent form templates for clients to sign. Regardless if you are providing one to one or group services, you will find waiver forms that match your requirements.

Our waivers are clear, readable and easy-to-understand – and completely customisable to suit your business

*In keeping with current GDPR regulations