Leverage the incredible features of the WAIVERFORM® kiosk app to give your business an edge...
Leverage the incredible features of the WAIVERFORM® kiosk app to give your business an edge...

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Digital waiver forms revolutionize how businesses handle their liability procedures. In sectors where liability is a concern, companies must ensure that they provide customers with all relevant information and liability release forms, be this in the form of a waiver or client registration form.

WAIVERFORM® takes the complications out of collection, handling and dealing with your liability data with a beautifully designed kiosk app. We help you turn your mobile device into a waiver signing station. A range of businesses from fitness centres to adventure companies, to tattoo parlours will find our kiosk app a valuable addition to their resources.

Using the kiosk app on your tablet enables you to give customers information, collect required information from them, and get forms signed quickly and efficiently. Alongside surveys, marketing opt-ins and terms and conditions can all be completed.

Sign Waivers

With our kiosk app, customers sign in with ease when they arrive. This convenience increases the productivity of your operations and contributes to customer satisfaction in their overall experience. Enjoy the fast sign-in process and easily check completed registrations, reducing waiting times at your business. Clients can even complete the liability release procedure before they show up at the physical location, allowing you to attend to them immediately. Our waivers are fully customisable, meaning that you can edit them to fit your business requirements.

Complete Surveys

Use the waiver signing process to find out what customers think about your services and/or products. You can have surveys on your kiosk app for customers to complete after their activity. This feedback gives your business-critical information about your operations. Find out how customers feel, what they expected, and any recommendations or anything that stood out to them. A well-structured survey will show you where the strengths of your company lie and where to improve.

Collect Customer Data

The WAIVERFORM® kiosk app helps to ensure that companies have all the data they require from their customers. A good consent form is not only about signing a waiver or agreeing to terms and conditions. Use this opportunity to gather as many details about clients as possible, and ensure that all relevant and required data sections have been completed by making it mandatory on the kiosk app.

For example, asking clients to provide details of their next of kin when participating in a high risk activity, allows the company to contact the correct persons in emergency cases. And knowing about medical conditions and allergies can mean crucial information is passed on to medics in the event someone is taken unwell.

This makes service delivery very efficient. The more information collected, the better you understand and know your customer, and in turn, your target market.

Complete Health Questionnaires

Some industries require health questionnaires in order for customers to receive services and in some instances that may need to be customised to their needs. A spa, for instance, can ask clients about allergies or reactions so that therapists know which products to avoid when during treatments. Our kiosk app lets you tailor health questionnaires according to the specifics of your business. Include questions that allow you to gather details that are critical to your business.

Agree to Terms and Conditions

Customers must agree to the terms of your business before engaging in whatever activities you provide. It’s the core principle of any service delivery. The conditions allow you to set provisions about how you cater to clients. Before signing the consent forms and agreeing to these conditions, allow customers to be clear on what they are undertaking or agreeing to.

Opt-in to Newsletters

Marketing emails and newsletters are effective ways to sell your brand. However, your customers should get the choice of receiving them or not. On our WAIVERFORM® platform, you can give your users this choice. Newsletters and emails make it easy to customise marketing messages to suit certain customers. Use the information gathered through all the features of the app to tailor promotions and offers.